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Located right in the center of the world's largest downtown area, Osaka Minami
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Hokkyoku Namba Flagship Store

No matter how much the times change, "Hokkyoku's Popsicles" has continued to maintain the unchanging flavor of Osaka. We create each…

Cinnamoroll Cafe Osaka Namba Ebisubashi store

Its trademarks are its large ears and tail that curls up like a cinnamon roll. "Cafe Cinnamon" Signboard dog Cinnamon and his friends wel…


Hirota Osaka Ebisubashi store

To commemorate our 100th anniversary, we have opened new flagship stores in Tokyo and Osaka. This is a special shop where you can enjoy a nostalgi…


どうとんぼり神座 戎橋店

目指したのは毎日食べられる身体にやさしいスープ。 フレンチシェフだった創業者が1年半かけて完成させた…



【KIM'S DRUGSTORE】 代表的な大衆薬や韓国コスメのトレンド商品、Kポップアイドルのグッズや韓国スイー…

CD/DVD Sales, Sale of Books and Miscellaneous Goods, Starbucks Coffee Inside


The largest product lineup in the Kansai region!! The massive TSUTAYA, composed of 6 floors from B1 to 5F, is a symbol of Ebisubashi. Sale of books…

Chinese Cuisine

Horai Honkan

Based on Cantonese food, our head chef came here from China to cook authentic Chinese cuisine. "Horai Honkan", the store originating from…

Strawberry mania

毎日に甘いご褒美を。 ほっこり懐かしい味や、まだ出会ったことのない新しい味。 沢山のスイーツを期間…

Freshly baked cheesecake, Western sweets, cafe

Rikuro Ojisan Shop Namba Flagship Store

A freshly-baked cheesecake store where 12 pieces are baked at once. We take them from the oven, imprint our baking brand on them, and then ring the…

Japanese and Western Sweets

Chidoriya-Souke Ebisubashi Branch

The originator of Chidoriya established it in 1630 as a Japanese confectionery shop. Since then we have continued to create Japanese sweets for mor…

Chinese Cuisine

551 Horai Flagship Store

The "When you have 551" commercials are also currently popular! Speaking of "551's Steamed Pork Buns", the roots of the fa…

Osaka Souvenirs

Naniwa Famous Products, Ichibirian Flagship Store

From standard Osaka souvenir fare to specialty products, we offer a wide selection. Please visit our store, which is filled with the charm of Osaka…

Kamaboko, tempura

Daitora Kamaboko Ebusubashi-suji Flagship Store

Kamaboko is certified by UNESCO world heritage as a representative "Japanese food". Founded in 1876. Only using fresh conger eel, we have…

Tianjin Chestnuts


Sometimes you just really want to eat "Tianjin chestnuts". So why not come to Chinmiya for our carefully selected chestnuts? We select ch…


Komeda'sCoffee doutonbori

「珈琲所」と掲げているように、コーヒーがコメダの看板商品です。 一人ひとりのお客様のくつろぎのため…





Wendy's First Kitchen Namba Ebisubashi Branch

In addition to hamburgers and flavored potatoes, we have a gourmet menu to completely satisfy your hunger including pasta and salads. You should ch…

Chocolate Shop


A chocolate shop from Dotombori in Osaka. Please come and see the large selection of “quality” and “delicate” chocolates we have in stock.


Oguraya Osaka Ebisubashi-suji

Established in 1848, "Oguraya" is a kombu specialty store. You can purchase not only our gift products such as "Shiofuki", whic…


Doutor Coffee Shop Namba Branch

"Relaxation and vitality" is what we hope to give our customers through a cup of delicious coffee. Everything we do is to realize that go…



We are constantly offering new, exciting products, such as value prices, limited-time items, and so on. Opened 365 days a year, guests relax in one…

Family Restaurant

Café and Restaurant Gusto Namba Branch

With a concept of “More relaxed, more familiar, --your Gusto in your town,”, Gusto is a restaurant which offers delicious, mainly Western foods…

Korean Cuisine


A restaurant specializing in samgyeopsal of Korean Cuisine. Very popular! The all-you-can-eat plan is complete with 9 dishes including the famous a…