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Located right in the center of the world's largest downtown area, Osaka Minami
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CD/DVD Sales, Sale of Books and Miscellaneous Goods, Starbucks Coffee Inside


The largest product lineup in the Kansai region!! The massive TSUTAYA, composed of 6 floors from B1 to 5F, is a symbol of Ebisubashi. Sale of books…

Store specializing in portraits

Caricature Japan Namba branch

The store specializing in portraits (caricature) full of the humor of the home American touch. Do you not have a pleasant memory in Osaka for form…




最新機種の『JOYSOUND MAX GO』を全部屋完備! また100インチサイズのプロジェクタールーム…

Used Book Store

BOOKOFF PLUS Namba Ebisubashi

A second hand store dealing in western clothing, brand-name bags, watches, books, games, and more. We have a wide selection of products at great pr…



A famous movie theater in Japan. Our theater provides a highly superior film watching experience complete with screens with reclining seats and scr…

Internet Cafe

インターネットカフェ アットワン

Relax in our high grade and stylish store. We feature a calm interior and lighting along with pleasant high-spec PCs. Please spend your time here e…

A repair shop for fixing shoes, keys, and iPhones


A repair shop for fixing shoes, keys, and iPhones.


Narumiya Ebisubashi Gallery

We have elevators available so those in wheelchairs and the elderly can come view the gallery with peace of mind. Furthermore, we always welcome ap…


Grand Opening in May 2019! Oriental Lounge is a social meeting venue for adults regardless of gender or age. This lounge offers cuisine to pleas…

EDION Namba Main Store

This ambitious electronics retail store offers more than just household electric appliances. Here, you can find goods for everything from e-sports…


BIG ECHO Namba Ebisubashi Shop

3 min on foot from Namba Station on the Midosuji Line! For karaoke, we of course offer the standard Free Time and student discounts. In addition, w…


Karaoke-Kan Namba Ebisubashi Flagship store

Karaoke-Kan supports our customer’s fun lives, aiming to have the best facilities and service in Japan! With the highest number of rooms in the M…