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Located right in the center of the world's largest downtown area, Osaka Minami
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Ticket Sales

Daikokuya Osaka Namba Branch

A shop for tickets and coupons. We deal not only in tickets and coupons but also purchase brand-name goods and more!!

UQ Spot ebisubashi

This UQ Spot offers UQ mobile and UQWiMAX. Please be sure to stop by when visiting Namba. Vietnamese-speaking staff members will be available from…

Cellular Phones

au Shop Namba Central

2018/10 closed. Please feel free to visit our store even if you are coming from far away to Namba for shopping. au Shop's after-sales servi…

Ploom Shop

A store that sells Ploom TECH, accessories and other goods; on the first floor is a café in which visitors can enjoy coffee and try out Ploom TECH…

Ticket Sales

Kounan Tickets Namba Branch

Please come to our store before shopping or travelling! Tickets for all kinds of transportation facilities such as Shinkansen, JR lines, private ra…

Cellular Phones

Docomo Shop Namba Ebisubashi Branch

What is Docomo's goal for the future? It is to connect people and people, people and tomorrow, with new bonds. "Placing tomorrow in your …



A special tobacco store on the Minami high street in front of Takashimaya. We deal in official Japanese tobacco and various other tobaccos.

Osaka Souvenirs

Naniwa Famous Products, Ichibirian Flagship Store

From standard Osaka souvenir fare to specialty products, we offer a wide selection. Please visit our store, which is filled with the charm of Osaka…

Japanese and Western Sweets

Chidoriya-Souke Ebisubashi Branch

The originator of Chidoriya established it in 1630 as a Japanese confectionery shop. Since then we have continued to create Japanese sweets for mor…

Convenience Store

Family Mart Ebisubashi Branch

This convenience store is located next to the shopping street beside the Osaka Shochikuza. Convenient for shopping before going to the theatre. The…

Japanese Cultural Goods, Painting and Writing Materials, and Japanese Paper

Tanseido Flagship Store

An old shop with a history dating back to the Edo Era. It has been beloved by many types of customers from women who like Japanese accessories to t…

Cellular Phones

au Shop Ebisubashi

A cellular phone shop with an eye-catching combination of orange and white. Even for newcomers to cell phones, we offer easy-to-understand and poli…