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Located right in the center of the world's largest downtown area, Osaka Minami
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Accessories, Body Piercings, Bags, Color Contact lenses

Rin Osaka Minami Branch

A general accessories store which thoroughly pursues fashion and high originality. New products are always coming in daily, so whenever you visit y…


毎日、元気・激安・大特価です! 御来店お待ちしております!

FANCL Ebisubashi Main Shop

A popular shop for additive-free cosmetics and dietary supplements. In this new style shop, specialized staff members provide total support for t…

Drug Store

cocokarafine Namba Branch

We provide "beauty" from the inside and outside of the body targeting all women.

Medicine/Miscellaneous Goods

Kokumin Chuou-Ebisubashi Branch

From medicine, cosmetics, diets, skin care, and supplements to daily goods, sanitary goods, and import perfumes, we have everything you need for he…

drug store

Tsuruha Drug Ebisubashi branch

With “Your Partner in Health and Daily Life” as our keyword, we are waiting for you with an abundant product line-up from medicines to articles…

Drug Store

OS Drug Minami Branch

We have a broad selection of not only medicine but also health products, diet products, etc. Our highly experienced staff is our forte. We also off…

CD/DVD Rental, Sales, Sale of Books and Miscellaneous Goods, Starbucks Coffee Inside


The largest product lineup in the Kansai region!! The massive TSUTAYA, composed of 6 floors from B1 to 5F, is a symbol of Ebisubashi. Sale of books…

Relaxation Salon

Bodysh Namba Branch

The Namba Branch of Bodysh, relaxation salon. Heal your tired body in our relaxed private room space with the fragrances of aromas. You can choose …

Cosmetics, Miscellaneous Goods

Japanese Choice Goods Store RANK-IN

We have staff who can speak Chinese, English, Korean, Taiwanese, and Shanghainese! We also have many products which cannot be obtained anywhere els…

Drug Store

Sugi Drug Store Ebisubashi Branch

For discussions regarding health and beauty, come to "your town's local doctor", Sugi Drug Store♪ From medicine and health produc…

Drug Store

cocokarafine Ebisubashi Branch

Come to us for everything relating to "health & beauty"!! Our product line-up is overwhelming, including medicines and supplements, f…