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Located right in the center of the world's largest downtown area, Osaka Minami
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6/15(金)オープン予定 1F Bell 2F Lily


Megane Ichiba Namba Branch

Megane Ichiba on 1F features a selection of brand frames from Japan and abroad, starting from 16,200 yen including lenses! ALOOK on 2F has set pric…

Smartphone accessories

Smart Labo Namba Ebisubashi

2018.closed. We offer a wide variety of smart phone cases not only for iphone but also Android products, which are popular as souvenirs. We also…


4/26(木)オープン! 王冠マークとカラフルポップが特徴の子ども服ブランド「BABYDOLL」を中心に、ディズニー…

Ladies' / Men's Shoes

Maring Ebisubashi Branch

A product line-up centering on ladies' casual and elegant pumps. With a variety of sizes, it also expands the trends each season so you must g…

Onitsuka Tiger Namba Shop

The opening of the largest Onitsuka Tiger in the country. We provide complete shoe and apparel product lineups, and you can leisurely enjoy shoppi…

Leather sneakers,Sneakers sale

TOPtoTOP なんば店

2018.03 close With a wide selection of magazine-featured models and popular models for people of all genders, our shoe-loving staff will be ha…

Ladies' Clothing

DECOUNTE Ebisubashi Branch

New seasonal goods always arriving! We have a wide selection of bags, shoes, belts, hats, and more! *** Special Plans Lots of Good Value…

Brand Recycle

GALLERY RARE Namba brunch

2018.01 Closed. If you’re looking to buy or sell luxury watches like Rolex and Patek Philippe, jewelry like diamonds and emeralds, or famous o…

Cosmetics, Fragrances, Miscellaneous Goods

NAKANUKIYA Osaka Flagship store

2018.1/26 closed. Focusing on "forward-minded women", we provide daily use cosmetics and miscellaneous goods emphasizing everyday li…



We provide a wide assortment of reasonably-priced products from a variety of cute sundry goods through to accessory garments, daily necessities and…



We are COLLABORN TOKYO, a design smartphone case specialty shop that is very popular in Japan! We offer iPhone and Android cases with excellent pro…



At “D.KELLY,” we sell bags and shoes. We have many trendy, low-cost products. We are packed with fashionable items! Please be sure to visit our…

Cellular Phones/Smartphone accessories

Softbank Namba Ebisubashi Branch

Featuring a cafe corner, for a style of Softbank shop never seen before. "Ultimate entertainment" is what we strive for here. We always p…

SHOP MU Namba Ekimae Shop

「誰もが気軽にかぶれる帽子」をコンセプトに、男女を問わず楽しめる帽子を国内外からセレクト。 流行に…

CD/DVD Rental, Sales, Sale of Books and Miscellaneous Goods, Starbucks Coffee Inside


The largest product lineup in the Kansai region!! The massive TSUTAYA, composed of 6 floors from B1 to 5F, is a symbol of Ebisubashi. Sale of books…


SHOP MU Ebisubashi Branch

A hat specialty store with an extensive selection. A popular store with hats for men and women of all ages, from large sizes to kids' sizes. W…

Lady’s Shoes

attagirl Ebisubashi Branch

A store managed by a local shoes manufacturer. Our store maintains rich varieties of trendy and colorful items at reasonable prices.

Lady’s Shoes

attagirl Namba Branch

A store managed by a local shoes manufacturer. Our store maintains rich varieties of trendy and colorful items at reasonable prices.

Ladies' and Men's Wear

Cook jeans Ebisubashi-suji Branch

An original Japanese branch. Focusing on original denim, the Cook brand is supported by a wide range of customers of all ages. We offer fashionable…


une nana cool Namba Branch

Wacoal wholly-owned outlet store based on the concept of "wanting to change underwear just like clothes". Our designs, which place import…

Men’s, Denim, Casual

Double j Ebisubashi Branch

A men’s clothing shop offering items that go with a wide variety of fashions. Features products from NB Jeans and import brands down to Made in …

Clothing Fabric


A comprehensive fabric department store founded in 1952. Features fabrics on 1F, high-grade clothing fabric on 2F, and associated products, etc. on…


moca Ebisu-Bashi

[moca] is all about bringing its customers girly, natural, cutting-edge fashions at affordable prices and with world-class customer service. Come t…

Bags, Purses, Handbags

Jaguar Bag Shop

This store features great selection of various types of bags. 1F is casual bags mainly for ladies, and on 2F we carry men's bags including bus…

Women's Clothing, Bags


Founded in 1870. We offer high quality, womanly clothing for married women mainly produced in Japan and imported from Europe. We also have bags and…

Precious Metals, Accessories, Recycle of Brands

Jewelry Aria

Our store offers various genuine rings, necklaces, bracelets, piercings, and so on, at special prices. We also purchase gently used jewelry. …



A popular shop that offers souvenirs for everyone from young and old to locals and travelers alike. Everything for sale costs ¥3880. *** …

Cosmetics, Miscellaneous Goods

Japanese Choice Goods Store RANK-IN

We have staff who can speak Chinese, English, Korean, Taiwanese, and Shanghainese! We also have many products which cannot be obtained anywhere els…

iPhone case, Smart phone accesories

UNiCASE Namba-Ebisubashi

Don't miss the smart-phone specialty stores selling a unique selection of time-limited offers and Japanese-made items. These are sure to make …

Brand Recycle


We have a wide selection of watches and jewelry, including a large focus on top brand bags from Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and more. Our select…

Natural Stone Accessories

Kaiundo Namba Branch

A natural stone accessory store with an abundant line-up of power stones.

Ladies' Shoes

Diana Ebisubashi Branch

At Diana Ebisubashi Branch, we can suggest shoes & coordinated bags which have a modern feel based on elegance for women living in the modern w…

Socks, Innerwear, Casual Clothes

tutuanna Ebisubashi Branch

We have greatly expanded our line-up of trendy products. 3 pairs of socks for starting at ¥1,000. We offer innerwear at reasonable prices, from …

Brand Recycle

Roko Shira Osaka Ebisubashi Branch

Separate sheets for English/Chinese / We sell and buy luxury brand bags, watches, and jewelry such as Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, as we…


Heart Dance Ebisubashi Branch

We carry a wide variety of accessories. From stoles to watches and more, we have a rich selection of fashion goods! Please use Heart Dance's p…

Accessories & General Merchandise


We are an accessory chain store, which has opened more than 3,000 shops in the world. More than 30,000 items are always in stock at reasonable pric…

Used Book Store

BOOKOFF PLUS Namba Ebisubashi

A second hand store dealing in western clothing, brand-name bags, watches, books, games, and more. We have a wide selection of products at great pr…


SHOP MU Namba Branch

From basic hats and caps, to casual casquettes and berets, we select from a wide range of genres, designs, and materials. You can take your time se…


atmos Namba

Under the theme of the Sneakers as the fashion, we sell the sneakers which you can buy only here including the collaboration with the national bran…

Ladies' Shoes


A store with cute and pretty shoes. Students and office ladies who love fashion jump at our seasonal designs saying "this is so cute!" Th…

Household Goods and Duty-free Goods

Lion Boss Ebisubashi-brunch

Our motto is “Help visitors enjoy a more memorable trip to Japan,” and we provide a number of items popular in overseas travel. You can enjoy a…

Osaka Souvenirs

Naniwa Famous Products, Ichibirian Flagship Store

From standard Osaka souvenir fare to specialty products, we offer a wide selection. Please visit our store, which is filled with the charm of Osaka…

Lady’s & Men’s Shoes

ABC-MART Namba Branch

A rich assortment of sneakers such as NIKE, adidas,VANS, and NEW BALANCE not to mention business dress shoes, and ladies’ shoes. A large number o…

Hats & Caps


Guests will find trendy hats at reasonable prices! We select smart hats that fit perfectly with gal-kei fashions.

Ladies' Shoes


A shoes shop to indulge the whims of women from their teens to working women who love analog coolness, love themselves, and want to go their own wa…

Watch Retailer (Rolex)

Quark Namba Branch

Separate sheet designation for Chinese / The largest Rolex specialty store in the Kansai area, Quark Namba Branch. We have an abundant stock focu…

Women's Clothing

Lira Western Clothing Store

For women who enjoy fashion, we carry a lineup ranging from "daily wear" to "street clothes" in a wide range of sizes. Please f…

Lady’s & Men’s Shoes

ABC-MART, New-Ebisubashi Branch

A rich assortment of sneakers such as NIKE, adidas, and VANS, not to mention business dress shoes, and ladies’ shoes. A large number of limited-l…

Accessories, Body Piercings, Bags, Color Contact lenses

Rin Osaka Minami Branch

From Kobe!! A general accessories store which thoroughly pursues fashion and high originality. New products are always coming in daily, so whenever…

Draperies/Women's Underwear


Children's and women's (one size fits all) and men's (M/L/LL) Yukata Children's Jimbei (80cm-130cm) Men's Jimbei (M/L/L…

Socks specialty Store

Copo Ebisubashi Branch

We sell a wide variety of pantyhose and tights by major manufacturers (ATSUGI, Fukusuke, GUNZE). We also carry a wide selection of socks, leggings,…

Bags, Purses, Handbags


A specialty ladies' bag store with 50 years of tradition since its founding. We have a rich selection of original bags directly procured from …


Watch Warehouse TOKIA Ebisubashi Branch

A store specializing in casual watches with approximately 2000 kinds of watches. It imports directly from overseas, so popular brands such as G-SHO…