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Located right in the center of the world's largest downtown area, Osaka Minami
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Smartphone accessories

Smart Labo Namba Ebisubashi

2018.closed. We offer a wide variety of smart phone cases not only for iphone but also Android products, which are popular as souvenirs. We also…

Ladies' Clothing

DECOUNTE Ebisubashi Branch

New seasonal goods always arriving! We have a wide selection of bags, shoes, belts, hats, and more! *** Special Plans Lots of Good Value…

Cosmetics, Fragrances, Miscellaneous Goods

NAKANUKIYA Osaka Flagship store

2018.1/26 closed. Focusing on "forward-minded women", we provide daily use cosmetics and miscellaneous goods emphasizing everyday li…



We provide a wide assortment of reasonably-priced products from a variety of cute sundry goods through to accessory garments, daily necessities and…



We are COLLABORN TOKYO, a design smartphone case specialty shop that is very popular in Japan! We offer iPhone and Android cases with excellent pro…

Cellular Phones/Smartphone accessories

Softbank Namba Ebisubashi Branch

Featuring a cafe corner, for a style of Softbank shop never seen before. "Ultimate entertainment" is what we strive for here. We always p…

CD/DVD Rental, Sales, Sale of Books and Miscellaneous Goods, Starbucks Coffee Inside


The largest product lineup in the Kansai region!! The massive TSUTAYA, composed of 6 floors from B1 to 5F, is a symbol of Ebisubashi. Sale of books…

Cosmetics, Miscellaneous Goods

Japanese Choice Goods Store RANK-IN

We have staff who can speak Chinese, English, Korean, Taiwanese, and Shanghainese! We also have many products which cannot be obtained anywhere els…

iPhone case, Smart phone accesories

UNiCASE Namba-Ebisubashi

Don't miss the smart-phone specialty stores selling a unique selection of time-limited offers and Japanese-made items. These are sure to make …

Natural Stone Accessories

Kaiundo Namba Branch

A natural stone accessory store with an abundant line-up of power stones.


Heart Dance Ebisubashi Branch

We carry a wide variety of accessories. From stoles to watches and more, we have a rich selection of fashion goods! Please use Heart Dance's p…

Accessories & General Merchandise


We are an accessory chain store, which has opened more than 3,000 shops in the world. More than 30,000 items are always in stock at reasonable pric…

Household Goods and Duty-free Goods

Lion Boss Ebisubashi-brunch

Our motto is “Help visitors enjoy a more memorable trip to Japan,” and we provide a number of items popular in overseas travel. You can enjoy a…

Osaka Souvenirs

Naniwa Famous Products, Ichibirian Flagship Store

From standard Osaka souvenir fare to specialty products, we offer a wide selection. Please visit our store, which is filled with the charm of Osaka…

Accessories, Body Piercings, Bags, Color Contact lenses

Rin Osaka Minami Branch

From Kobe!! A general accessories store which thoroughly pursues fashion and high originality. New products are always coming in daily, so whenever…