Welcome to the Osaka Minami, Ebisubashi-suji Shopping Mall

“Minami” is a collection of a number of individualistic shopping areas that go together to formulate Osaka’s major shopping mall that boasts a unique attractiveness. It is one of largest shopping areas in the entire world.
It is a town centered around pedestrians. We recommend that you take this map along with you as you stroll about among the numerous individualistic commercial sections.

Please enjoy the history of Ebisubashi.

In the northern part of this shopping area is “Dotonbori River.” About 400 years ago, the citizens of the area dug a canal. Theaters gathered along its banks, and it subsequently developed into “Minami,” one of the world’s largest scale shopping malls.
The citizens of the area built a bridge across the Dotonbori River, and every year on January 10th, they go to visit the Imamiya Ebisu Shrine to pray for commercial prosperity. Our shopping area has taken the name of that bridge, and thus “Ebisubashi” have gained fame as a tourist spot.
To the east of the shopping area is a temple called the Hozen-Ji with restaurants and bars in its precincts that attract huge numbers of tourists.

Guide to the Ebisubashi-suji Shopping Mall

Our shopping mall is an arcade that runs between Ebisubashi and the Takashimaya department store (350 meters long). Both sides of the arcade are lined with about 90 commercial establishments, including department stores, fashion specialty shops, high level movie theaters, fashion specialty shops targeted toward the fads of the younger generation, traditional shops that are typical of Osaka, and restaurants and bars.
“Namba” Station is situated in a spot that provides easy access to all parts of Minami. Shinsaibashi-suji shopping area is a short away distance from Ebisubashi, but they are linked by a single street.

Enjoy Shopping

This shopping area boasts fashion shops targeted at both young and older women.
Most of the women of Osaka enjoy “freedom, energy, and fashions that bring out their own individuality.” The shops in this area provide reasonably priced outerwear, innerwear, shoes, accessories, and bags in a broad range of popular genres.
Most of these shops also handle cosmetics and medicines, and their famous cosmetic makers’ corners are stocked with a rich line of merchandise. In addition, there is a gigantic selection of electric appliances that includes cameras and PCs at this area’s “BIC Camera” shop.

The attractiveness of traditional Japanese shops

There are numerous traditional Japanese shops in this area that have a history of 60 to 150 years since they were first established here. They take extreme care in both selection of raw materials and handmade craftsmanship, and apply the very zenith of specialized technology in the production of their highly reliable goods.

About Dining

In this shopping area, you can enjoy Chinese restaurants, fast food shops, and coffee shops.
Also, in the area surrounding the shopping center, there is a dense collection of Japanese cusine, table-d’hote shops, okonimi-yaki shops, tako-yaki stalls, and sushi bars, making this a world-level gourmet district.

About theaters

The southern section of this shopping area is also famous as an entertainment district. It has one of the best movie theater complexes in all of western Japan that is called the “TOHO Cinemas Namba.” In its northern section there is the “Osaka Shochiku Za,” that was built in 1923, where performances of Japan’s traditional performing art of Kabuki are given. And, in addition, at Sennichi-Mae, are the comedy theaters called “Namba Grand Kagetsu” and Wahha Kamigata.”

Points to note with care when making purchases in this shopping area.

  • Some shops have different time schedules, but most of them are open from 11am to 9pm. Most of them accept credit cards and part of them also accept China Union-Pay Cards. Please inquire at the shop where you want to make a purchase.
  • Please refrain as much as possible for utilizing the fitting rooms with your shoes on, opening product packages and trying things on without permission, and bringing food and drinks into shops from the outside.
  • Public toilets are shown on the map as WC, and also feel free to use the restrooms in such large commercial establishments as department stores, as well as those in convenience stores.

Access to Ebisubashisuji shopping street


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Ebisubashi-suji Shopping Street Guidebook

The promotion booklet of the Osaka-MINAMI/Namba area centering on a Ebisubashi-suji shopping street. Up to the newest OMOTENASHI from the history of a Ebisubashi-suji shopping street.

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